CREA-KO is a consulting firm focused comprehensively on business process management, secure e-business and related technologies.

Through the synergy of extensive experience and knowledge of highly qualified leading experts from various fields, CREA-KO enables organizations to achieve greater efficiency of their business processes and easy transition to secure e-business.

CREA-KO's business partners can achieve more ambitious business goals and improve their competitiveness through improvement of their ability to quickly adapt to new business situations and implement business innovation.

Many of leading organizations have turned to CREA-KO for assistance. CREA-KO's consulting services and solutions help organizations to address current business challenges in a variety of industries. CREA-KO's client list includes numerous organizations in Law Enforcement, financial services, manufacturing and government.

CREA-KO is a Kosova company established as l.l.c. (limited liability company) registered on 17/ 08/ 2007 and incorporated on 17/09/2007