12 February 2015

Your town, from you depends

February 19, 2015 starting 13:30 o'clock | BDC Hall, Rectorate, SEEU Campus, Tetovo

The main aim of this event is to encourage individuals to propose innovative ways to reduce their impact on the climate and to increase urban resilience to climate change.

Citizens can come up with smart and innovative proposals for ways they can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change that directly affects their lives.

We hope that the initiative will serve as a catalyst for all citizens interested in contributing their skills and time to solve these climate-related challenges:

- What can we do to lower the level of GHG emissions in cities?
- How can we better adapt to the climate challenges we face?
- How can we make better use of smart technologies to increase our resilience to climate change?

The proposed solutions will ideally bring visible results, such as a new service for citizens or support for more efficient provision of existing services, or behavioural change as a result of awareness-raising. Proposals that are scalable at national level will be awarded special attention.

Two winners will be supported to develop a prototype of their solution and/or implement an innovative public awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about climate change amongst the general public or specific target groups. The accepted proposals should have the potential to capture the interest of partners, to be implemented and to become self-sustainable.