First Technology Solutions

FTS appears on the market as a modern company, which satisfies the requirements of the customers in the field of information technology, which operation target is the


CREA-KO is a consulting firm focused comprehensively on business process management, secure e-business and related technologies.

Through the synergy of extensi

Bridge Technology

Who are we?

Bridge Technology is a startup company that is a joint venture between Bridge Technology Macedonia and B2C Consulting USA

Our Purpose

Neting Solutions

Neting Solutions


TurboSoft Mission & Vision

TurboSoft is a company which deals with the development of computer systems in different areas. We follow the steps of the L


AdaptiveScale enables enterprises to harness the value of BigData. We remove the complexity of managing fleets of servers, regardless if they are physical or virtual, by


HotelKey is a suite of native mobile apps to manage hotels. To learn more, please contact us on how we can move your hotel management to your smartphones and tablets.

Idreal Studios

A newly established independent company that focuses on design and development of video games. The goal is to create unique, enjoyable and long lasting experiences by co


We are Switzerland's most innovative business in cashless transactions. Our success is based on three main pillars:

Innovative strength

We are ind

Democracy Lab

Who we are

We serve as a hub for international, regional and local experts to share their expertise, knowledge and insight on democracy building processes. Dem


The complex processes and requirements of the business processes are simplified, represented in the form of software tools, targeting people and companies all over the wo


Develosity as a team, we believe in challenging ourselves, we believe in thinking differently and having a clear vision that we want to share. Our vision comes alive when


Inspire11 is a full service, digital and analytics consulting firm dedicated to making an impact for our clients, employees and communities. The 11 in our name is signif


PETAWATT is a company focused on offering photovoltaic/solar solutions for its clients in Macedonia and in the region. Established on February 2’nd 2015 in Skopje, Rep

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