10 May 2017

SEEUTechPark at Albanian ICT Awards 2017

Albanian ICT Awards is a unique nationwide contest of character and dedication, which aims to identify, reward and promote distinguished professionals, successful business leaders, innovators, academics and enthusiastic young people in the field of ICT.

The reward system of this event is realized through a fair and rigorous selection by a jury of prominent figures from the ICT community, based on specific ethical and professional criteria of evaluation.

This year SEEUTechPark was a partner and contributor to the event. Mr. Azir Aliu was a selection jury at the event, together with Visar Demiri and Martir Dika, who were contributors of the event.

With 400 application on board, on Friday (28.April.2017) Tirana held the fifth edition of the prestigious Albanian ICT Awards. Below is the list of winners of 2017 ICT Awards:
1. ICT Innovation of the year: Labinot and Mimoza Bytyqi (Hello)
2. ICT Mobility of the year: Albi Zhulali (Softmogul)
3. ICT Academic of the year: Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi
4. Cyber Security Project: Drinor Selmanaj & Cyber Security Professional: Rio Sherri
5. Woman in ICT: Blerta Thaçi (Girls Coding Kosova)
6. ICT Diploma of the year: Albana Roçi (Iris Recognition)
7. ICT rising star of the year: Loran Pllana, Raesa Nikshiqi and Penda Smajlaj (from jCoders academy)
8. ICT Public service of the year: The Office of Real Estate Registration in Albania for the full
digitalization of 51 service & the Kosovo Agency for Medical products and devices with the “Baranatari” project.

Special Recognition was acknowledged to: Martin Mytaberi, Open Data Kosovo, Prof. Dr. Agni Dika, Samir Maliqi, Jasir Idriz, Innovation Hub Tirana, Altin Petre, Visar Jasiqi, Enkelejd Zotaj dhe Mentar Mahmudi.

Below you can find the video from the event