2 November 2017

Digital Marketing with Aimee Holland from U.K - Tetovo

Aimee Holland is #SwissEP Entrepreneur-In-Residence working with startups and supporting organizations in Macedonia. EIR Europe is an initiative by the Swiss Entrepreneurship Program, funded by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by Swisscontact in consortium with J.E. Austin.

Why digital marketing is no longer digital but part of our every move So you visit a store and the next time you're on Facebook you see their advert. How does that happen? And why now as we move into 2018 are we no longer part of a digital economy? Digital marketing for a long time has focused on having a website, social media and emails. Then came pixels and the game changed.
But now, we face a world where our every move is tracked, literally, and that is our reality. So what does the digital landscape look like now and what will it look like in the future? Aimee Holland is a digital evangelist who spends her days researching and exploring new and exciting ways to make people do things (otherwise known as Marketing).

Location: BDC (Rectorate) SEEU, Tetovo