3 March 2016

Franck Nouyrigat from Startup Weekend @SEEUTechPark

Franck Nouyrigat is the CO-funder of the famous Startup Weekend Non-Profit, Board Member at Up Global & Partner at recorp.co

His special visit directly from NewYork is abouth Creation and Developement of sucesfull eco-systems in Macedonia, provided by the Swisscontact SECO Entrepreneurship Program (SECO EP) and Franck's role as Eco-System Advisor.

Along with SEEUTechPark we will organize a start-up workshop that shall include all stakeholders of the enterpreneurship & start-up eco-system, maping the key factors, embracing the main obsticles and coaching the inovative business ideas from both SEEU students & SEEUTechPark start-up companies.

His main passion are: Entrepreneurship, Landscape Photography, Traveling, Crowdfunding, StartUps, Astronomy, Robotic, History