The internet usage has grown dramatically in the last years almost reaching every home on earth. With the growing trend of mobile devices especially with the introduction of the smartphone new possibilities emerged. Every connected device can be traced. Most of today’s devices have GPS that can report the position with high accuracy. These GPS enabled devices allow web developers to extract users location. With the introduction of HTML5 new components were added such as Geolocation, and with Google Maps it can be easily displayed on the map. The aim of this company is businesses register their stores on the web application, put all the products there and other related information together with the location of the store that is extracted from the current location of the current user or manually changed. The store can accept reservations or orders from the ordinary users/clients (B2C) or from other stores (B2B).

Whoever logs in the location is detected by every possible way the application can for example GPS, IP, etc. By default the application will display important stores near you. The users can change the location if they wish to display stores they will visit later. Also users can browse through different categories. The next step will be to choose the store and enter it. Once the user is in the store sub domain there he can make reservations and order products online.

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