14 November 2017


On 14th November 2017, at SEEUTechPark premises the 3RD Annual Shareholders Assembly Meeting was held on.

The meeting was used for SEEUTechPark Management to present the 2017 Annual Report to the Assembly, and to update its members on recent events, activities, progress and financial results of SEEUTechPark’s operations so far. In addition, the meeting was used also to discuss the future development plans for the forthcoming 2018, as well as the institutional mid-term goals.

Shareholders Assembly President Dr. Veronika Kareva, the Vice-President, Dr. Dennis Farrington, SEEU's Rector, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, SEEU Secretary Mr. Dzevair Memedi, Prof. Besnik Fetai Pro-Rector for Planning and Entrepreneurship and the Head of Legal Services Mr. Besnik Xheladini, all presented their opinions on the recent operations and provided advice on approaches to future TechPark activities.

SEEUTechPark received an excellent review from this year’s assembly meeting.