20 September 2016

Belgian logistics company “Katoen Natie” visited SEEU and SEEUTechPark

On 19th September 2016, 15 representatives from the IT department of the Belgian logistic company “Katoen Natie” visited the campus of SEEU and SEEUTechPark.

“Katoen Natie” is an international logistics service provider and port operator. The company is present in 28 countries in five continents and employs about 12.000 people worldwide. In 2009 the company had 154 logistics platforms. Its headquarters are located in Antwerp, Belgium. “Katoen Natie” is interested on collaboration with both SEEUTechPark and the SEE University in student’s enrolment for the long-term strategy of employing IT professionals for the development, maintenance and modifications of their in-house Warehouse Management Solution (WMS).

At the BDC’s Conference Hall, the COO of the SEEUTechPark – Mr. Gjorgji Rafajlovski presented the B2B collaboration possibilities with all of its tenants, the Dean of CST Faculty - Mr.Adrian Besimi and Pro-rector of academic issues Mrs.Lejla Abazi held a presentation regarding SEEU services and collaboration opportunities. CST Faculty programs were presented, altogether with the academic achievements of the University. Within the visit, the delegation had short informal meeting with SEEUTechPark’ tenants representatives, and afterwards had a brief tour of the campus, visiting service centers of the University.