PETAWATT is a company focused on offering photovoltaic/solar solutions for its clients in Macedonia and in the region. Established on February 2’nd 2015 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia – where it’s also headquartered, the company aims to become a market leader in the photovoltaic, solar industry with special focus on the environmental impact. We offer integrated solar power systems, external (PV) panels, covering all the aspects from development of the plan up to implementation of the solution. The results are the system solutions for solar power, generating heating, producing free and clean and cooling. These system solutions are tailor made to meet individual energy requirements and thus optimize the rate of domestic, Commercial as well as Residential, beside that PV Plants in small, medium and large scale of installations consumption and reduce the energy costs of the households.

Our Mission
To lead the process of improving the power solutions across the Balkans with reliable and costeffective solutions. To help our clients use the sun to power everyday life: running the air conditioner, washing clothing, watching TV, cooking dinner – our 3 main focus points being – REDUCING CO2 EMISIONS AND GREENHOUSE GASSES, REDUCING THE ENERGY BILL and RETURN OF INVESTMENT.
Our Vision
To conquer the market of the solar industry, become its leaders, and expand on international level. We aim to make Petawat a recognizable name with high-quality service, excellent cutomer care and proper special responsibility.

PETAWATT offers:

• Surveying
• Architecture
• Project development
• Environmental management