16 December 2016

Signed Memorandum between SEEUTechPark and Technical Faculty of Bitola

On 14th Decembet 2016, cooperation memorandum was signed between SEEUTechPark and Technical Faculty of Bitola, for continuing the collaboration regarding entrepreneurship in higher education institutions.

Technical Faculty organized a promotional event, whose base was the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Technical Faculty and Technology Park of South East European University in Tetovo, in order to follow the modern trends in higher education, and to initiate the procedure for establishing the shape of Technology Park or incubator in the faculty itself, which will target students and motivate them to gain the necessary skills to start their own businesses, but also to acquire skills that will help them find work in the future.

The event was organized by the Technical Faculty, SEEUTechPark and CEFE Macedonia, and it was accompanied by representatives of academia, students, and representatives of businesses and NGOs.