9 March 2017

SEEUTechPark is offering a new service: “Company Valuation”

SEEUTechPark as a private entity, founded from the SEEU University and its Foundation, is offering a new service called “Company Valuation”.

The Service is provided as a result of an intense training from an expert coming from a UK Consulting house, custom made for SEEUTechPark team. The specialized training has involved the whole SEEUTechPark team, including several “Company Valuation” methodologies, methods, frameworks, and taking under consideration several valuation metrics.

Business Valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to determine how much a business is worth. The majority of business owners don’t know the true value of their companies (economic value), often adding sentimental values, high intangible values, and not realistic asset and market values. Therefore this doesn’t reflect the true value of the business. If your business is in the startup phase, or in an expansion phase, having a business valuation performed in the first five years of your business, can give owners realistic expectations on the value of the business. Having a reliable report about how much your business is worth assists the management on taking realistic and strategic decisions regarding their budget expenditures, and its effect on profitability, therefore taking under consideration a potential cost reductions and business optimization.

Whatever your motive is, it’s time to ask yourself the single most important question of the modern economy: What is your company’s economic value, how much it is worth in cash?

This service has been funded from SEEUTechPark’s partner “Swiss Contact” - Increasing Market Employability Program, supported by PredaPlus and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation -SDC. Immediately from the lunch of this service, SEEUTechPark will start with its implementation on 5 start-ups (companies), therefore providing a full report on how much their businesses are worth (their economic values).

If you want to get started or looking for information, feel free to contact SEEUTechPark and start a dialogue.