5 April 2017

Closing applications gathers in Tirana the jury of the fifth edition of the Albanian ICT Awards

In the fifth edition of the nationwide competition of ICT Awards, this year SEEUTechPark participates as a regional partner, contributor and jury.

From the moment of the opening applications, were held 20 meetings with young people, students, academics and entrepreneurs from IT field in Tirana, Pristina, Skopje, Tetovo, Shkodra, Presevo and Gjakova. As a result of the organization and meetings, over 106 applications were sent to various fields such as Innovation of the Year, Academician of the year, ICT Rising Star of the Year etc. Applicants are from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Diaspora.

As expected, the first day of April marked the beginning of the process of evaluation by the jury of Albanian ICT Awards which is represented by prominent figures in the field of Information Technology from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

As a results of the first meeting of the jury "Albanian ICT Awards" were discussed applications. This year in the jury participate academics and professionals in the field of ICT, and they are: Julia Goga-Cooke, Mirlinda Karçanaj, Anila Hoxha Tollkuci, Anni Dasho Sharko, Jonida Çerekja, Altin Petre, Visar Jasiqi, Mareglen Biba, Jeton Siqeca, Azir Aliu, Sokol Vladi, Gjergji Mulla and Endri Xhina.

The next meeting of the jury its going to be held on Saturday, April 15, where there will be presented the applications.