SEEUTechPark is a technology park located on South East European University campus in Tetovo, Macedonia. Opened on May 15, 2013 by the Board of South East European University in order to create conditions to stimulate the creation of new start-up companies, creating a synergy between the companies and encourage the growth of existing SMEs (small and medium enterprises) which in the long term provides new job opportunities.

Vision - To create an environment within the university that will forge closer ties and enduring links between academia and the industry to convert Knowledge and expertise into Action, Production and Investments

Mission - Development of start-up knowledge based companies at SEEU designed to create and foster an entrepreneurial culture among faculty, researchers, students of SEEU and commercialisation of scientific and technological knowledge.

Meet Our Team

Азир Алиу

Извршен Директор

Ѓорѓи Рафајловски

Мартир Дика

Висар Демири

Проект Менаџер

Арѓента Бајрами

Социјални медиуми и комуникација

Албина Сефадини

Социјални медиуми и комуникација

Вулнет Салии

Meet Our Shareholders Assembly

д-р. Вероника Карева


д-р. Денис Фарингтон


Meet Our Supervisory Board

д-р. Замир Дика


д-р. Џеваир Мемеди


Бесник Џеладини


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