21 shkurt 2014

Seavus JAVA Training

In the period between March and May 2014, Seavus will organize free of charge training in its premises, for Java programming language.

Seavus Oracle Division invites the students from all Computer Science faculties in Macedonia, graduated or on their last year of graduation, to apply for this training and become a future Java Developer.

The training consists of 18 days with 4 hour sessions of interactive lectures and practical exercises, held by Seavus experts working in this field for several years and on variety of projects for worldwide companies. At the end of the training, the participants shall gain technical knowledge for usage, configuration, development of new functionalities in Java, and shall have the opportunity to become an employee of Seavus.

The participants shall learn the declarations and access control (identifiers & JavaBeans, class & interface declaration, modifiers), concepts of object-oriented programming, Strings, I/O, formatting and parsing, threads (defining, instantiating, starting, thread states and transitions, synchronizing code, thread interaction), development (using the javac and java commands, JAR Files), Integrate Hibernate into Java applications, configure Hibernate, configure and deploy web applications on Tomcat Application Server, Interconnect Tomcat and Eclipse, create and call (use) JavaServlets and etc.

The training participants will be selected by technical testing (basic programming, English) of all registered candidates.

At the end of the program, the participants will have a chance to get employed and to further develop their career as a part of Seavus Oracle team. This training is not commercial.

The training starts on 25th of March 2014, and will be held during working hours from 13:00h to 17:00h on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Apply at: http://jobs.seavus.com/latest by 07.03.2014