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Posted on: 11 maj 2017


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Posted on: 10 maj 2017


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Mbyllja e aplikimeve mbledh në Tiranë jurinë e edicionit të pestë të Albanian ICT Awards

Posted on: 5 prill 2017

Ne edicionin e peste te gares mbarekombetare te ICT Awards, kete vjet SEEUTechPark mer pjese si partner rajonal, kontrib...

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Transform your idea into a profitable business!

Inkubatori is a facility designed to assist businesses to become established and profitable during their incubation period. Incubates come from individuals interested in promoting an innovative idea that they have so that it becomes a business, yet they may have no skills in business.


Të gjithë mbështetjen e nevojshme për të transformuar idenë tuaj në një biznes fitimprurës


Zyra moderne të përshtatshme për punë, të pajisura me kompjuterë, aplikikacione dhe internet


Konsultime profesionale, mentorim dhe trajnim

What else!

Meeting rooms, networks members, business contacts and access to local and international networks


Our vision is to create an environment within the University that will forge closer ties and enduring links between academia and the industry to convert Knowledge and expertise into Action, Production and Investments. In fact the whole idea of such a Park is to develop start-up knowledge based companies at SEEU. SEEUTechPark is designed to create the develop entrepreneurial culture among faculty, researchers, students, youngsters, and commercialization of scientific and technological knowledge.

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Creating conditions to stimulate the formation of new start-up companies


Encouraging the growth of existing small and medium enterprises


Creating synergies between companies


Creating new jobs for the country and region

Be part of our Community!

Your business deserves this chance - let's make it happen together.